Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pins 33, 34 Tinting glass bottles with Food Coloring & Modge Podge and Coffee Filter Snowflakes

I always seem to have a ton of bottles on my counter.  My hubby special orders soda that comes in glass bottles, still made with real sugar.   I call it his "crack"!   There are always so  many that I have been trying to figure out what to do with them.   I want to glitter some and texture others, but I just wasn't in the mood for that I thought I would try this


I figured it would work with a soda/beer bottle.  Only problem was I would have to paint the outside instead of the inside.  I knew I would drive myself crazy if I tried to do the inside.

I poured some modge podge into a small glass bowl, then added my food coloring.  I hadn't really planned on a color, I just grabbed the first food coloring that I saw. Kind of funny that it was same color as the pin.

Modge Podge with Food Coloring

At first I thought I would just do a portion of the bottles, but after a few minutes I decided to just paint the whole bottle.  I did two coats, and let them dry in front of the fireplace so they would dry quickly.

Red tinted bottles done with modge podge
Ignore the blue bottle.......

I knew that they needed dressed up a little so I grabbed my burlap, some scrap material and some rusted jingle bells.

Decorated Red Modge Podge Tinted Bottles

I still wanted to add a little more to them.......
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I figured I still had a lot of coffee filters left from my wreaths so this could be the perfect filler for the center of the bottle.  Super simple, cut however you want.  There is no right or wrong pattern.  Once I had it cut I just went back to my handy dandy modge podge and slapped it on the bottle

Snowflake waiting to be put on bottle

I will say that this is something that looks much better in person.  I will set the bottles somewhere in my house.  These are not my favorite project.  Outcome is just ok to me....

Finished red tinted modge podge bottle with snowflake

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