Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pin 71 & 72, Turning Old Socks into Scented Dryer Balls and Cleaning Your Pillows

I really love it when I can bring two pins together!  Is it crazy that it makes the satisfaction of trying pins even better? 

Pin 71 Cleaning your Pillows

Everyone in the house has been sick, and I have washed, steamed and disinfected everything I possibly could.  Germs are the one thing that the kids share without reservation!  Last thing left were all the pillows in the house.  7 beds full of pillows, throw pillows on 4 different couches, throw pillows on 2 love seats, not to mention all the ones on chairs throughout the house. That adds up to a lot of pillows.   Washing all the pillows is a day long chore (at least in this house, ugh!) but there is nothing better then laying your head down on a nice soft fluffy fresh smelling pillow.


Simple as simple can be, throw your pillows into your washer.  I have a front load washer and washed two at a time.  Admittedly at the end I did shove 3 in at time. I mean who really wants to wash pillows all day long.  I washed all the bed pillows, then tossed them in the dryer.  The key to drying pillows that come out fluffy not lumpy is adding dryer balls, which if you don't have any you  make them out of old socks (in the pin below)

Now I do have some throw pillows that can't go in the washer, for those I stuck them in dryer with dryer balls and dried them on high heat for about 30-40 min.

Pin 72 Making Scented Dryer Balls out of Old, Holey or Mismatched Socks

I know I'm not the only one out there that has mismatched socks laying around.   It doesn't matter how careful I am about trying to keep socks paired up,  one always seems to go missing.   It is down right irritating.  I didn't have any dryer balls or tennis balls and I knew if I tried to dry my pillows without them they wouldn't come out quite right.  I figured I could find a solution on Pinterest. You just have to love all the things you can find on Pinterest.

I loved this pin from Camp Wander because not only was it solving my dryer ball problem, but it made all those mismatched and holey socks less annoying.   They were actually going to serve a purpose!  WooHoo!

I wanted scented dryer balls,  so I grabbed some lavender essential oil and 4 socks.   If you just want to make the dryer balls without the scent all you need are socks. 

Outgrown, Socks with Holes, or lone socks used as dryer balls

I put 15 drops of my oil on the toe part of one pair of socks.  Then balled up the sock as tight as I could.   Then take that sock and shove it down inside of the other sock.

Socks being made into dryer balls, with essential oil added to smell good

Then twist and ball up the sock.  It's like twisting and folding....however you make it work, it's all about getting them tight.  The tighter the better.

Dryer Balls made from mistmatched or outgrown socks, add essential oils to make laundry smell good

Then just toss them in the dryer. 

Socks turned into dryer balls with essential oils added

I dried about 13 separate loads of pillows and they still smelled like lavender.   When your scent starts to fade, just add some more drops of your essential oil and your good to go.

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  1. Great idea. I have three tennis balls that I add when I am drying something that neeeds a good fluff (like my down filled coat, or my comforter) but they make a RACKET! (no pun intended. which makes that even funnier to me!)
    The socks are really 'tough' enough to beat the pillows into submission?
    Do you think that if I tried a still wearable pair of socks with no scent they would still be wearable? Or does this process stretch them horribly out of shape forever?

    1. I went and unrolled the balls to see what kind of shape they are in......and other than looking scrunched, they were ok. I'm guessing if I threw them back in the dryer they would be back to themselves again in no time.

      I have used tennis balls in the past, and boy you are right, they make an awful racket. The socks really did a good job with the pillows and weren't nearly has loud. The key is to roll them up nice and tight.

    2. Thanks for checking on the socks for me!
      Now, I just hope I can remember this the next time I need it! :)

  2. Super smart idea! I'll try it this weekend and see how it works

  3. I am SO happy to have found this via pinterest! I tried it tonight cause my pillows were looking a little rough. The sock balls worked like a dream. I'll be doing some other pillows this weekend. Thank you!!!

  4. I am going to try this soon I am washing my pillows have a couple loads to do as I just began have no tennis balls and the wife is napping so wish me luck on this it would be nice our pillows are flat so I am hoping this works I will comment later to let ya know my results thank you

  5. does the socks have to be old

  6. I'm wondering why you can come up with interesting ideas. Like it...I have adopted and successfully clean socks, pillows and even clothing by this way.

  7. I have pillows with fibre filling which is pretter compressed. Anyway this can be made fluffier again? Balls did not work in this case

  8. Thank you for this wonderful idea!!!! Amazingly, it worked!!!! AT first I thought socks will never act like a tennis ball, but they do and fluff up pillows nicely!!!!

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