Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pin 81 FOE Knots for hairties or bracelets

Things have been totally hectic.  Wrestling season is in high gear and I can't seem to get all the kids healthy at the same time.  They have been taking turns being sick.  Crafting time has been hard to come by lately.   I needed to find a pin that would be simple, quick and return a product that could actually be used.  With 3 girls we go through a ton of  hair elastics.  It seems no matter how many I buy they end up missing when they are needed.   So this pin for FOE (Fold Over Elastic) Hair Ties seemed perfect. 

These couldn't be simpler......It's one of those projects where you pretty much get instant gratification.   The peeps over at ohsoprettythediaries have an easy to follow tutorial. 

What you need to get started:

FOE- You can order some from etsy or Micheal's carries some. 

 photo d75cd5b0-53c3-4045-8b77-6727ee2e636c_zps772db057.jpg

Unwrap your foe and measure out the amount you want.  A pretty standard measurement seems to be 8.25".  That did not work for us.  All my girls have thick hair, so we went with 9".  That was perfect,  it also allowed them to be worn on the wrist comfortably.

 photo c38f53e5-023d-4afa-b4cb-570dc0f990b1_zpsd4628079.jpg

Once you cut your FOE I suggest sealing the ends.  Doing it now will prevent you from causing any fraying while you are tying your knot.

 photo 4452ea49-a6a4-4ed9-bcca-7e2518ac81ab_zps9dc97d82.jpg

Next you just tie your knot.   You are basically going to tie it just like you would tie a balloon.

 photo fd82b246-b0e4-42cc-9932-29281f888d74_zpsade75f91.jpg

And your all done.

Unless you are making a huge amount for a craft fair.........

 photo 0d0bb942-03f7-416f-aa04-175d1916bce8_zps0a376c47.jpg

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