Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pin 80 Organizing Marabou with a Hanger and Shower Hooks

Anybody who has ever worked with marabou knows that it can be a royal pain in the butt.  We use it regardless because there is nothing that dresses up a bow quite like it.   It's is even beautiful all alone, taking center stage as a marabou puff.  Once my girls had marabou puffs in one color, they needed them in all the colors.   This left marabou laying around in my craft room.   Every time I would pull out a piece "fluff" would fly everywhere.  I needed a good way to store my marabou that would keep it neat, easy to get to, and easy to see.  I pinned a pin a while back to organize all our ball caps.   It got me thinking (dangerous, I know!) that I could use this idea for marabou.

It couldn't be simpler.......just a hanger and some shower hooks.  I already had the hanger and just needed a box or two of shower hooks.  I picked my shower hooks up at the Dollar Tree.  

Hanger and shower hooks to be used to organize marabou photo Hangerandshowerhookstobeusedtoorganizemarabou_zpsd4a2fab9.jpg

I slipped the shower hooks onto the hanger.

Shower hooks on a hanger to organize marabou photo Showerhooksonahangertoorganizemarabou_zps8d54fa20.jpg

Then I just put one color of marabou into each shower hook and I was done.

Marabou organized using shower hooks and a hanger photo Marabouorganizedusingshowerhooksandahanger_zps187dce3f.jpg

Simple, quick and cheap.........easy way to get organized.  I think I might actually use this for our ball caps and belts too.

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