Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pin No. 22 Removing that last bit of wax from Candle Jars

I have a ton of candle jars just sitting around with little bits of wax still sitting in the bottom of them.  I keep thinking I can reuse them, but could never get all that wax out.  I had tried freezing them in the past (works great to get the wax tarts out of your burners) but it didn't work for the candles.  I was looking for something else on Pinterest and came across this pin


Simple enough just boil water then pour on top of the candle

candles with boiling water

You should start to see the wax slowly coming up to the top.  DO NOT dump the water.  If you do the wax will harden in your drain.  Let the water cool and your wax should firm up on the top.  Just break it and toss (or save if you want to reuse to make candles or tarts) then dump the water.  For a couple of my containers I had to repeat the process, but no biggie.

clean candle jars to be reused

Clean and ready to go. These will be showing back up for another project......

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