Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pin 17 & 18 Twine Wrapped Containers and Ribbon Roses

In this house catch alls are wonderful things. They help keep the house looking neat, and give me obvious places to look when I'm searching for "lost" items. I noticed that I repeatedly have a collection of goodies on my bed side table, and I'm tired of it. If stuff is going to keep collecting there it needs a place to go. This pin seemed like a quick easy fix.
Source: isksw.com via Nicole on Pinterest

I had an newly emptied Hot Cocoa container that just seemed like the perfect choice.  I already had twine on hand from a previous project and since I have a ton of glue sticks I was ready to go. 
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This did not take long at all......5 minutes in and I was halfway done.
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6 minutes after that I was all done wrapping it with the twine.
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Now it would have been wrong for me to just leave it plain, right?  Embellisments are necessary!

These looked perfect

I just wrapped ribbon around the container, and cut out a few faux leaves and added the rose. 
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Perfect place to "toss" items so they look neat.

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