Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pin No. 11, 12 & 13 Clipboards, Coasters & Magnets

I just love it when one of the kids comes to me with a last minute request.  The other night one of the girls comes to me "Mom I need a few Colts things for our classroom basket."  I'm thinking no problem, then I ask "When do you need them?" and she replies "oh, tomorrow"  UGH!!!  I love crafting but do not love rush projects.  Rushing tends to zap the fun and relaxation out of it!  I started scanning my pins for something that would look decent and be quick.....we finally settled on these pins.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

 I had thankfully picked up clipboards when I stumbled across them at the Dollar Tree.  I had wanted them for teachers gifts this year. I had some scrapbook paper with blues but wanted to add something Colts to it, so I just searched for some images I liked and I used powerpoint to make them the size I needed.   I did the same thing for the coasters.   I bought the cork circles at Hobby Lobby, they weren't very expensive, then found images and made them circles in powerpoint and printed them out.  The clipboard and coasters were made pretty much the same way.  Good old Modge Podge! 
The bottlecap magenets we cheated a bit with.  I had already made the bottlecaps for bows and keychains so we just used some E6000 to glue on magnets and we were good to go.  Here is what we ended up with.

Definately will be doing all of these again.  They were really quick and really simple!
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