Monday, December 17, 2012

Pin 56 Reusing/Repurposing Empty Beer or Soda Glass Bottles into Glitter Vases

My husband is addicted to a brand of soda called Ski.   Literally addicted to it,  I call it his "crack".   We special order this soda so he can get it in glass bottles still made with actual cane sugar.  He goes through a ton so we also have bottles and bottles and bottles and bottles and bottles and bottles (you get the picture, lol) in our recycling bin.   I reused some in a previous pin, Pin 33 tinting bottles with modge podge & food coloring, and wanted to try something different with a few more.  I'm sure if you have followed my blog you have come to realize that I LOVE glitter, so when I saw this pin I knew I was going to have to try it.

Supplies needed:

Glass bottles (beer/soda/whatever you want to try it with)
Fine Glitter
Modge Podge or other glue/adhesive
Painters Tape

First pull any labels off your bottles.   I didn't bother to scrub off any of the sticky goo left from the labels since I was just going to be putting sticky goo back on the bottle  to hold the glitter. 

Empty Soda and Beer Bottles getting ready to be hit with some glitter and repurposed as vases

I then grabbed a ruler and a sharpie and measured where I wanted my tape to go.  It's not necessary to measure if you can create a straight line buy just eyeballing it.....I just don't have that ability.

Measuring Glass Bottle to be reused as a glitter vase so it has a straight line

If you mark your bottle make sure you place your tape just above the lines so the glitter will cover up the marks.   Tape around your bottle.

Empty Beer and Soda Glass Bottles Taped off waiting for glitter to be applied to be turned into vasees

Now a smart person would have thought ahead and dished out some modge podge and mixed glitter into it, then brushed it on.   If you do this you will want a lot of glitter (at least I would, he he!)  I did mine by brushing modge podge on the bottles in strips.

Glass Soda bottle taped off and coated in modge podge waiting for glitter to be put on to be turned into a vase

Then sprinkle the glitter on to the area.  Then just repeat glue followed by glitter till you go all the way around the bottle.  I wanted a very thick coat of glitter so I actually put modge podge on top of the glitter that was already on the bottle and sprinkled on even more glitter.

Glitter freshly applied to a glass beer bottle to be turned into a vase

Let the bottles dry.  Do not do what I did and forget about taking the tape off till they were completely dry.  You will get a much cleaner edge if you remove the tape while the glitter/paint is still damp.

Empty Soda & Beer Bottles Decorated in Glitter to repurposed as Vases

My girls wanted to add some embellishments so I let them, but I actually dont' mind them plain.  These will be getting re-used as small vases.  They are good for lone flowers.  My girls have been wanting me try duct tape flowers so we might make some to put in these. (I wonder if I could glitter those?)

Beer and Soda Bottles Covered in Glitter reused as a a vase with embellisments

With a flower..

beer or soda glass bottle repurposed as a glittered vase

Since everything but the glitter came from stashes or the recycling bin this was a very economical project.....we spent $1 on the glitter at Michael's.  I would probably do this again and again but I'm not sure where I would put them all.

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