Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pins 38, 39 Vinegar to clean a Microwave & Dryer Sheets to clean a Bathroom

Bowl of Water & Vinegar to clean a Microwave

I rarely use our Microwave.  It is definitely used by the kids in the house most of the time.  So imagine what I must have seen when I opened the door to heat up a cup of coffee.........OMGosh, I was totally grossed out.  I was so grossed out that I will NOT show of picture of it.  No one in the house seems to know how to throw something on top of what they are heating up.  You can tell that things have "popped" all over the microwave.   It also had a smell of all the food remnants left in it.  It was not a pleasant smell.   I had to do something about this, but did not feel like scrubbing it down.   Pinterest to the rescue.......

Just put Water and Vinegar in a bowl and heat it up.......the pin said for about 5 min.  I only went a little over two.  I also don't know what I was thinking, because I kind of forgot the water part and just used vinegar!   It worked really well though, and most definitely killed any odors that had been lingering.  I could wipe off all the crud with a light swipe of a paper towel.

Totally clean Microwave using vinegar and water. No scrubbing required
Nice clean microwave.  Didn't require any scrubbing.  W

Now because I forgot the water, the vinegar smell was a little overpowering for a few min.  but it quickly died away..... I'm definitely going to have to remember this one!

Dryer Sheets to Clean the Bathroom (used ones at that!)

I passed this pin by a few times, before I finally pinned it.  I mean you really expect me to believe that someone uses Dryer Sheets after they've been used in the laundry to clean a bathroom?  I have used them before for other things like cleaning baseboards, keeping drawers or trash cans smelling pretty........to clean a bathroom?  That just sounds like someones lost their mind.  


I did not try mine on the toilets, but on my sink and faucet.  I hate cleaning them.  The kids always seem to get toothpaste everywhere.   Not the worst they have looked, but annoying none the less.

faucet needing cleaned.

When I first started I realized that when the sheets got wet they made a big smeared mess.  I then took a dry used dryer sheet and went back over the faucet and it cleaned it right up and made it all nice and shiny.  I then took it all over my sink top and it shined it up really well too. 

faucet cleaned with a used dryer sheet

I also tried it on my Bathroom Mirror, and believe it or not it worked really well. It didn't leave any streaks.   I couldn't find any good way to take a picture of the mirror......I do not have great photography skills!  Literally dryer sheets, that have already been run through the dryer, Wow!

dryer sheets out of the dryer ready to be used to clean the bathroom

The little grooves in the dryer sheets turn out to be powerful little scrubbers.   I think I will come up with some cute container to store the dryer sheets in, because these could work well in between cleanings......I would still want a cleaner to kill all the germs, so not a stand alone method. 
No harm in trying it if you already use dryer sheets in your laundry.

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