Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Beginning

The Beginning.........

   Things are always hectic and loud in my household.  I am a SAHM to 6 kids.  4 of these kids are now teenagers (can you say grey hair!) I craft to keep my sanity.  Pinterest has become an addiction for me, and since they launched their app for android I have no control over myself.  If I get a second,'ll find me roaming Pinterest!  I pin and pin and pin and pin and pin, always meaning to try things out, but to be honest I pin A LOT more then I attempt.  So my challenge to myself is start actually following through with my pins on Pinterest.  I will attempt (ha! attempt because I'm a realist! who easily loses motivation!) to try 365 pins on Pinterest in the next 365 days!  Lets just say if I get time, some days will have multiple tries and other days will have zero.  Here I go, ready to pin away!

   Tomorrow, Nov. 1st 1012 will be my start day.  Now I have the perfect excuse to be on Pinterest!

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